Comment: she's definitely a fox.

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she's definitely a fox.

unfortunately she isn't very bright or competent as a journalist. she tries too hard to emulate jon stewart as does rachel maddow. jon stewart is a deceptive, liberal propagandist exploiting youngsters who just wanna 'belong' by carefully masking indoctrination and vitriol as unfunny, humour-shouting.

[let me cover my mouth w/ my fist while you wait for me to deliver the punchline.......... BAM! indoctrinated! welcome aboard!]

anyone 'entertained' or 'informed' by jon stewart is incredibly dumb and disingenuous.

i'm straying off point here (didn't really have one to begin with).... oh yeah... abby is super hot, especially w/ that 'wavy' 'asymmetrical' hairdo. lucy kafanov is still hotter though. i dunno... there's just something about slightly cross-eyed girls that i find irresistible.