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Why do you waste time trying

Why do you waste time trying to convince neo-cons about the War?

Only an idiot would waste time arguing with neo-cons, instead of finding and equipping the liberty movement.

If you absolutely can't stand Rand, then work at getting someone elected to Congress who is better and try to build the movement instead of merely tearing people down.

How "BAD" is Rand?

List for me the things that Rand has done that proves that he is so horrible that "start(ing) eating children or something" would be necessary to expose him.

That's right, he voted for the Iran embargo/sanctions -- you have one vote on your list of "how BAD the guy is".

Endorsing Romney before the Convention is the second thing on the list.

Rand done TWO bad things, he's so BAD that only delusional people would support him; just like neo-cons who still support the War 10 years later.