Comment: Popular vote is dumb. 90% of

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Popular vote is dumb. 90% of

Popular vote is dumb. 90% of people don't know anything about politics or economics. Of the 10% who are interested, 90% of them (and shrinking) have stupid beliefs and are miseducation or idiologically gimped. They believe in lies and impossible things. Why would want dumb/ignorant/misinformed/apathetic people having "more" control over who becomes president?

Electronic voting is dumb. It cannot be made secure. Even if it was possible, its too complex for anyone else to know if its secure or not. Here's my plan: A big transparent plastic bin for each candidate at the caucus. Drop your vote into the correct bin. Then you can see who wins.

When it comes to the general election who cares. The masses can't be trusted to vote for anyone good, so its up to the informed to make certain ONLY decent candidates make it to the general.