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But you'll need to do some critical thinking here.

If Ron Paul is such a threat, why does he get paraded around in the MSM? IF he was a danger to any agenda, the TPTB wouldn't let him near any microphone they own, but he makes more appearance than any other politician.

He's part of an agenda to make those who advocate liberty look like Anarchists rather than people advocating for justice. He's their favorite clown, and he's clowning America's advocates for liberty.

If Ron Paul is fighting for liberty and to 'restore Constitutional Government to the United States of America' why is the Daily Paul filled with people who condemn the very idea of justice, and why do most of the oldest and most venerated "Pauler's" seem to only want to break up and destroy our country?

Why does Ron Paul hang out with Anarchists and Communists like Lew Rockwell?

Lew Rockwell, founder and chairman of the Mises Institute and executor of Murray Rothbard's estate: " It would be a great thing to break up the United States, just like it would be a great thing to break up the European Union."

What are Lew and the other frauds selling to you? Secession? (sign this petition little Anarchist)

Are you fricken kidding me!? "Secession" isn't something an Anarchist can even pretend to sell. All they can sell is revolt.

The phony defenders of liberty subscribe to Anarchism, not 'a return to Constitutionally limited Government'. Laws are backed up by collective force, and what threatens your liberty has NO PROBLEM taking it with collective force. Unless you advocate that the principle our laws defend is liberty, you have no value to liberty, because you won't serve justice.

Without justice or law, what you'll be left with is injustice, and what is it Ron Paul wants people to do; opt out, scream taxation is theft, preach Anarchism while masquerading as a Patriot, and turning the advocates of liberty into "sovereign citizens", freeloaders and haters, a divided and defeated people who can rule or defend NOTHING, least of all their own liberty, because they never knew what threatened it to begin with!!!

I'm done pretending Ron Paul is my friend. He is NO FRIEND TO LIBERTY OR OUR COUNTRY. IF he was, he'd never be allowed onto that idiot box or to stand on the stage in Platos cave, but the MSM is MORE THAN HAPPY painting him as a clown, because that's his job.

His job is to turn you into an Anarchist clown rather than a patriot.