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What he's trying to say, is

What he's trying to say, is that he's a paranoid moron who will never be happy with anyone who more than 5 people like. And he will proudly get stuffed into an UN plastic coffin along with his entire family and everyone he knows as one of the only 4 or 5 idiological pure libertarians on the planet by his standards before ever making a single compromise in the persuit of political power so he can actually make a differance.

News flash: They have never needed to use "fraudulant libertarian leaders" to discredit libertarianism. We have been losing for a very long time all without the need of any government "plants" to lead our movements into the ground. If the "man" wanted to do us harm, they wouldn't send in a double agent like Ron Paul to awaken a global movement toward liberty only so they could break our hearts with a lost election which resulted in us swarming and conquering the GOP; They would have just continued to ignore us, because that was working pretty damned well. Infact they didn't have to start introducing fake libertarians like Glen Beck UNTIL Ron Paul broke their system.

Ron Paul is the guy who awoke the hunger for liberty in humanity again you utter moron. If he hadn't been there, nothing would have changed until someone just like him came along. If he "was" a fraud, he was the worst backfired scheme the PtB ever drempt up, because the whole world is turning libertarian now, and he was the spark that lit the fuse.

Here's reality. Ron Paul couldn't win after Frothy dropped out. However people were engaged and involved. We were making inroads with our parties, and the anger we felt after that fraudulant win by Romney is what galvanized many of us to take power from the GOP. The stage is now set for Rand Paul, who would never have had a shot in hell of carrying out his father's dream of a free America if not for his wise ability to PLAY THE FUCKING GAME TO WIN which you idiots out there seem so incapable of understanding.

You want Anarcho Capitalism? So do I. But guess what, if we can't even stop the Orwelleon Nightmare that is fast approaching by dismantling their power, we aren't getting there. You're going to have a much easier time reaching a state of no government once you achieve a state of small government. You don't jump from A to Z. Quit living in fantasy land. Rights are won on the battlefield, and unless you want to try your AR against their hellfire missles, id suggested you get engaged in the political battlefield and give up the paranoid brooding.