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Boo hoo. He's right. These

Boo hoo. He's right. These paranoid libertarian zealots are a drag. Sure there's only like 10 of them, but im so sick of hearing their conspiracies about who the latest traitor is. Now its Ron Paul, the man who woke up the entire world to liberty. These people can go @#$% themselves. And I don't care if you're offended by that. Im sick of brooding puratins who somehow think the government's just going to go away all on their own if they pretend its not real. It is real, and its getting more dangerous every year good people sit around and do nothing. We don't have a ton of time before the bankster empire is going to be stuffing you and all your family into a FEMA camp or dropping a Hellfire missle on your heads if you don't wake the @#$% up and start taking political power back while it still matters. It may be too late, but its sure as hell too late if your road to victory is to sit around with the other 5 dumbasses in your local Libertarian state convention, brainstorming about which person is a traitor today.