Comment: I'm still out to lunch on bit coin

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I'm still out to lunch on bit coin

but from a strictly marketing point of view you couldn't get better publicity and interest in your product and services than this. Being able to say in the midst of an economic disaster that you have the only working atm on the island. Priceless.

I'm still learning about bit coins but the whole idea sounds screwy to me. I have so many what ifs in my mind about it I cant conceive of it being the end all be all of monetary solutions nor that its security is not impregnable. Some will figure out how to game it. But perhaps I don't fully understand it yet and it is everything its cracked up to be. Either way competing currency = good thing. I hope it works out for those of you experimenting with it. Maybe I'll join you one day though I dont see that as likely just yet. My loss I guess right? All well, the story still puts a smile on my face :D