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If there are, you would never know.

I don't know about cobra commander.
Regarding independent men in caves...

Like mathematics, systems of security can be "made-up".
There is also "security through obscurity".
Also, at the core of data encryption is solid mathematics.

The internet could be thought of as one big phone network.
What gets transmitted over the network, can be completely determined by the end points of communication.
Those end points can be privately determined to the point that any "sniffer" between the points of communication have no idea of what is being communicated, how it was created, or how to decrypt.

Ultimately, all communications can not be decrypted.

The fact that government entities and private companies implement systems that can be compromised, ultimately is their own fault.

Total security along with human involvement, is a myth. But that's a different topic, well as all the detailed posting on this post. Oops. :)