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if the crime justifies the

if the crime justifies the punishment...

A crime of corruption, of the ideals of freedom, gudelined by such text as the constitution and the bill of rights.
Maligned and twisted by those who gain only for themselves or their imediate familiars.
Lies and mistruths with no concern for any possible damaging affects when dealing in a "top down" position of authority
They can be the best of us, they can be the worst of us, one we "live", the other....... repeats history

If you look at wars, what do they have in common.......what is that common denominator?

Name one thing that you are aware of, anything, in recent history, that deals with this common"denominator"?(clue: this should be an easy one)

This should be a fundemental understanding of all who swear on the oath, only by knowing past history, are we able to recognise the pitfulls of the choices yet unmade.......tyranny for the sake of convinient solutions, is not what everyone signed up for in this thing we call life