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Zero information

anywhere on this incident. Traffic stop is for the cigarette(lawful). Article claims "cavity search" although it was probably a search. News loves to use shock words to stir up readers. Makes no mention of why there was a search. A female officer searched them which is pretty common practice nationwide.

Plaintiffs lawyer is the only one shown in the video and there is no surprise he is saying the officers acted illegally. No money in legal searches.

Female plaintiffs claim theft of their hydrocodone pills which are by far the most reported drugs being stolen. Often times to get police reports so they can get more from the doctor and not because they were stolen.

And the grand jury indicted the female officer. Grand jury's indict 99% of people that come before them. Indictment is not a conviction.

If the officer stole the pills and the other officer sexually molested the plaintiff's then they should both be fired and convicted on the evidence like everyone else. They deserve justice too just like the plaintiff's.

I see nothing in the article or video that could lead to any knowledge of the incident. All hearsay and second hand statements.

But I do see a lot of posters on here who are blood thirsty and mob like in their pursuit to see as many cops as possible in jail.

I stand with many on here in support of legalizing drugs which again would of prevented the probable need in this case to search in the first place.

But this story has zero facts. Despite a whole lot of opinions amongst the posters.

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