Comment: Who did Ron Paul not "play nice" with?

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Who did Ron Paul not "play nice" with?

McConnell and Rand are both from Kentucky, both Republicans, so what's not to play nice? Are you suggesting Rand punish McConnell for the past and not move forward?

Now I have a feeling, I don't know for sure, anyone willing to edicate me, please do.. but wouldn't a majority leader be something other than a Jr Senator? I don't know.. Obama became president as a Jr Senator.. and because I would like to see Rand become president, wouldn't being majority leader be a problem? Again I don't really know, but it does seem like it would not be fair for Rand to be majority leader and campaigning for president..

And if McConnell, who likes Rand, was made Majority leader, wouldn't that help Rand's campaign.. especially in Kentucky?