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Comment: My experience

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My experience

During jury selection the judge asked if I can follow directions as given.
I asked him to be more specific.
He asked me if he said red meant go would I go.
I replied that that made no sense.
He admitted that it was a bad example.
I told him jury nullification is also a staple to a democratic society (relating to his speech about jury duty being a civic duty) and that a jury has a right to not follow direction when a law is unjust or unconstitutional.
He then wanted to get into a fight about what I considered unconstitutional or not. He then said, "Well can you follow these directions? Go sit over there."
I had to sit by the bailiff through the rest of the selection, after the selection, reading of directions and then for an hour after everyone left the courtroom including the judge. I sat there by myself and could not leave. He then made me "volunteer" (court ordered) for community service in place of jury duty.
That was fine, I spearhead several projects a year.

Lesson of the day: If you want out of jury duty - declare your right to nullification.