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yeah, to keep the post less

yeah, to keep the post less drawn out i didnt get into the nuances of distinction between the Fed and the government. by government i am saying the fed + the treasury. they are joined at the hip and act in unison. its possible to imagine a scenario where the fed was at odds with the government, but for the time being, both the fed and the government (treasury dept) are in the employ of the banking cartel interests. so when i refer to the government, in the context of the monetary policy, banking, budgets, etc., i mean fed + treasury. the Fed is chartered by congress, its heads are appointed by the president. they don't work without each other.

now, a president who tried to push the fed and its banking cartel out of the monetary regime, would indeed be opposed by a banking led opposition. or it would just co opt the fed and push out the ny banking clique and run monetary policy for a so called "public purpose." but this is america, thats hard to imagine happening. and supposing it did, it wouldn't necessarily be any better.