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Comment: Why would I have to win a

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Why would I have to win a

Why would I have to win a debait when 70% of my local GOP are Ron Paul republicans? We won the debait by swarming the PCO races. We have 2 out of 3 of the party council votes. The Neocons join us or get frustraited and leave. It wasn't hard. A month of making calls to find like minded people and get them to run for PCO. I already had their names and numbers from the caucus.

Why would I need to pick up a gun to inact change when we can win politically by simply outnumbering them and taking their elected positions away from them? Who cares if they have a few bought-and-paid for jerks at the top when the rank and file know their game and won't dance to their music?

If more people would do that instead of wasting their time finding excuses to be useless to the movement, (such as believing in ridiculous paranoid delusions about Ron Paul being a traitor) we'd already have kicked the collectivists out by now.

Did I insult your religeon? Schucks. Well if you don't like people tearing into your sadistic collectivist fantasy monarch, maybe you should refrain from insulting the hero of millions with your paranoid nonsense. But don't worry, you can sooth your bruised ego in the knowing that jebus is going to light me on fire in his cosmic torture chamber for the rest of eternity once I die. That's the justice I deserve for not thinking like you! Maybe Jebus will let my children watch me burn so you can can feel extra avenged.