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You replied right in the

You replied right in the middle of an edit. I'll try to add from memory.

I'd even add specific charges to such a list for violating the original intent of the US Constitution in ANY aspect. Imagine someone on the list seeing their name next to a list of charges. Might those individuals think twice before attempting another violation upon seeing their name and the corresponding charges already on a list? Who knows except the violators on the list. Circulating such a list would be intimidation at its best and worst. Violators of the US Constitution must understand the potential consequences of their actions. I wouldn't limit the list to mere charges of treason, either. I doubt many will agree with me, but it's time to bring back slogans such as "better dead than red". Identify the traitors and the charges against them on a list. Sure, such a circulating list can be manipulated to include innocent parties, etc. which forms the basis for including the charges as well. Most traitors on such a list would likely be well-known anyway. Placing a name on a list with corresponding charges is necessary for a trial of peers at some point whether as a future jury in a court or identifying a troll on the InterNet.