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Why is she not a Libertarian

Why is she not a Libertarian Girl? I don't understand that.

Because she is attractive that means we are discrediting her?
Is she as smart as professors from Mises? Probably not and neither am I. But everyone has a role they can play to further the movement.

Who cares what she calls herself. She can call herself Strawberry Shortcake girl. Doesn't matter to me what the label is.

Issues are important and candidates are important also. Which we all discussed and agreed. I personally am not going to help candidates anymore but I have friends who are working for Rand Paul that I would never tell them to stop what they are doing.
Do what you love and have fun. If your angry about people trying to spread some information than you aren't having fun with liberty.

I don't understand the cynical post towards us?
We have interviewed Sheriff Mack & G. Edward Griffin and are always contacting more guests and try to produce good content.
Always looking for tips or recommendations to better the content but this was just a attack. And I don't understand it to be honest.