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Great. Good luck.

I'm sure your precinct has the PCO it deserves.

"Did I insult your religeon(lol)? Schucks. Well if you don't like people tearing into your sadistic collectivist fantasy monarch, maybe you should refrain from insulting the hero of millions with your paranoid nonsense."

No. You didn't insult my religion. You're reinforcing my beliefs.

Did I insult your hero? Is being called an Anarchist and a fraud an insult? If being an Anarchist is an insult, he probably shouldn't have chosen to be one, or tried to call himself a Libertarian, a Republican, and a Constitutonalist.

All he'd need to do is deny it and explain to people what's wrong with Anarchism. I would love to hear him try, but he can't. He is what he is. If he did, and could intelligently dissect Anarchism as a fraud, I'd write a long retraction begging for his forgiveness.

I don't have to worry about that happening though do I?