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I Agree

Here's an example of how he responded to a question on the war on Afghanistan compared to how Ron might/ has responded:

On a recent interview, Rand said something along the lines of he believes it's time to bring the troops home. We've accomplished our mission, we've killed Bin Laden, it's been a long war...etc.

When he said, "We've accomplished our mission" my gut reaction was "our mission was bullshit and he knows it." His Dad would say, we should have never been there in the first place, or better yet, "We just marched in, we can just march out!" And that fires me up. But it leaves the door wide open for him to be criticized by those who don't agree with him. "That's reckless." "He doesn't support National Security."

While Rand's message isn't a fiery, it's hard to argue. He still says the same thing as his Dad, "Bring them back home. He frames it in a way that can bring more people on board.