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Comment: If Alex Jones isn't able to

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If Alex Jones isn't able to

If Alex Jones isn't able to change and have greater appeal, his audience will always be limited and stands to do more harm to movements that are associated with him. Even if it's a guilty by association fallacy, it may be enough to turn people away.

It's just like OWS who made the correct observations that there was something inherently wrong with Wall St, but was willfully ignorant of monetary policy to realize the Federal Reserve enables their beloved Wall St. Alex Jones is willfully ignorant of the fact that other people may not be motivated by the same information or do not perceive of the urgency of the information he's been able to gather.

His style may rub the wrong way people who are attracted to Ron Paul and the liberty movement for other reasons than the ones he's motivated by. Billy Corgan was very gracious in explaining to Jones those people are important to the movement, too. Basically, Billy Corgan was telling Alex Jones that he needs to stop scaring people away, without coming right out and saying it.

Instead of studying facts, maybe Jones should study some skills like Socratic irony. It may help him spread the message and gain wider appeal.