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Comment: Since you asked...

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Since you asked...

There's a great essay by Gary North that comes to mind that touches on the difference between crappy comments and real articles... argh, it eludes me. My crappy comment will have to suffice. Let's review your recent posts:

Good stuff, but not a great summary. Doesn't take much effort to post a link infowars, a site everyone and their dog knows about.

That was a rant. Don't insult us or "dare" us to comment. You were a member of this organization. You could have told us what you saw there, why you discontinued membership, and how you feel about it. But instead you just let loose. I think you could take that topic to the front page if you made a post that is honest and brave.

Yay, you posted something else from infowars!

You posted something that's been posted on DailyPaul over and over and over, AND OVER, AND OVER again. There is a search function. Nobody stops you from posting dupes, but don't be surprised when no one cares.

Neat. The article says very little though. You didn't bother to do any research on the company and include that, and someone else posted a summary of this article a day before you did.

I'm just going to assume this was a rhetorical question.

You posted another infowars link. Why not ask the people commenting there what they think? Not that there's anything wrong with asking us, but don't expect this to get a lot of attention!

You and 134861348136051 people thought of sharing this

We've already seen this 56824056 times.

There's a search function, or you can use Google to search for links on the site.

To get something on the front page then either:

a) You need to be extremely fast and persistent. You will be competing with people like this:

b) Post something original and well researched. If you post it in video form, all the better.