Comment: "Pediatrician doesn't give a shit about their well being"

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"Pediatrician doesn't give a shit about their well being"

There is no way to rationally respond to this.

You are telling me to wake up like I am some sheep. Did I tell you to just blindly trust your physician? No. I encouraged you to do your own research.

A bunch of physicians have just given into the vaccination scare because some parents are so aggressive and incorrigable. It is one thing to be skeptical, but it is quite another to be so paranoid to think your doctor not only "doesn't gove a shit," but is deliberately seeking to harm you.

I'm glad you "woke up," but not everything is a damned conspiracy to harm you and your family. I hope it works out with your pediatrician. They are the lowest paid of all physicians, and in my experience, arguably the most caring.

I suopose there are a few exceptions here and there, but I can speak for doctors and tell you that not harming my patients ranks a hell of a lot higher than making a buck.