Comment: Thank you lord Jesus!

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Thank you lord Jesus!

What a blessing that the crass attention whore stick chick doesn't back actually makes Rand MORE viable to AMERICAN VOTERS. I'd rather have Larry Flynt endorse me than Anal Coulter. So would every independent and tepid liberal. She's a broken record with no substance, reason or intellect behind her argument. The only 'argument' her pea brain can muster about libertarians is 'aw, they just want to legalize weed.' And that's the extent of her argument. I guess being a skinny loudmouth with no class or interest in learning or seeking virtue or truth is good enough to get you on FauxNews. Her 'opinion' matters to a dwindling few as she tries to rekindle the 'glory days' of the Bush era of jingoistic narrow mindedness with increasing failure. She is a loser and will die very very alone.