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I wonder if you meant this

I wonder if you meant this video depicts Adam and RP as voluntarists/volunteers and Schiff as a libertarian.

To me, Schiff isn't a libertarian. I have little respect for Schiff. I believe he's an opportunist who rants, uses fear and sensationalizes instead understanding and loving freedom. Many of his arguments I heard from a year ago and before hold contradictions. Schiff does nothing for me. His conclusions about money are overly simplistic and smack of globalization, a contradiction to him believing the federal government must abide the U.S. Constitution. I don't know what I would classify Schiff politically. But at this point, I couldn't care less about what he says on any subject. Intellectually Schiff is stiff. But I do agree with him our country needs to adhere to its constitution, our country's legal framework. Additionally, I think anarchism, a term I don't use as a synonym for volunteerism, isn't feasible politically and isn't without grave detriment to society, but I do think volunteerism, or voluntaryism, deserves promotion and is practical for the individual.

I'd classify Adam as an anarchist and RP as a libertarian. I consider a libertarian a constitutionalist and vice versa. They're synonyms, to me.

Rafael, I know what I said about Schiff is harsh and if you favor him that what I said offends you. My apologies to you there if I offended you. But I do want to be honest to myself. Perhaps I could state myself better about things and people I find unpleasant. But not now, not on Schiff. lol.

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