Comment: Unlike 2008, the TP orgs.. GB912, Freedomworks, TP Express, Koch

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Unlike 2008, the TP orgs.. GB912, Freedomworks, TP Express, Koch

All of the mainstream organizations are DEAD IN THE WATER.

And Rand has cornered the market on TP Leader.

I went to the Indy YAL conference Saturday. It was bigger than ever. 5 states represented even community colleges and high schools.

Best of all... FREEDOM WORKS and KOCH were forced to fund the conference in exchange for a small speaking role at the end in which the lied, exaggerated their role and had nothing to offer.

Every one in the room was RON PAUL, not Freedom works or Koch and most are wise to Glenn Beck's BS too.

YAL staff ran and directed it HA HA and Freedom Works jumped on the coats tails so to not be totally irrelevant.

HA HA... 4 years ago 9-12 GB, TP Express, Dick Army FW, Koch, etc were all trying to claim a piece of Ron Paul's movement.

Now all of these mainstream organizations are being forced to defer to the popular filibustering senator as their Commander and Chief of the Entire Collective Tea Party movement and Repubicans and Independents love him too. HA HA.

Freedom works also TOTALLY SCREWED THE POOCH last year when they stop supporting their grassroots systems and tried to centralize their organization. It basically was a move that removed the wheels from their car. They are going NOWHERE. HA HA.