Comment: Her argument is that there are more important things

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Her argument is that there are more important things

I listened to her argue on John Stossel's show, and her point is that legalizing MJ is fine, but it is so far down on her list of priorities that she doesn't understand why anyone is concerned. It's not that she wants to lock up pot smokers, it's just that she doesn't want to be bothered with the subject.

Her fear of foreigners is not uncommon. I've heard it all my life. It is generally based on the false economic theory that there are only a limited number of 'jobs' out there and they must go to 'Americans' first. Thus the need for Real ID, E-verify (internal work permit for Americans) , and Immigration checkpoints a hundred miles from any border where you have to 'prove' your citizenship. She's ok with that, if it will rid us of job-sucking foreigners.

It's interesting that she has not commented on Rand Paul's budget is exactly what she's been asking for (a detailed, fiscally conservative, balanced budget), but she's been ignoring it.

She claims that her only concern is that Republican win the White House in 2016, yet she sticks to the same agenda that lost the White House in the last two elections. She seems to learn nothing from the past.

Ann is not a serious person.