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Comment: Ron and Rand definitely have

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Ron and Rand definitely have

Ron and Rand definitely have different styles, I think it has a bit to do with age. I can't remember the name, the Morton Downey show maybe(?), but Ron got in that guy's face, and it was in 88 when he was a lot younger.

I think your comment contains a certain gray area, and that is the definition of "accomplishing more". Perhaps legislatively and politically Rand will accomplish more. But it seems quite clear to me that Ron, through simple morals and consistency, has changed the conversation more than Rand ever could, and he has inspired an entire generation. Ron has always said his goal was never legislative achievement, but education. I also think Rand would not be able to accomplish as much, barring unforeseen circumstances, if it weren't for his father. So, comparing what they have accomplished and will accomplish seems a bit unfair to them both. I think Rand, while not as pure as his father, will continue to move the conversation in the proper direction.