Comment: Rand says the same words better.

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Rand says the same words better.

Ron said magnificent things, but he said them in a frankly unappealing way. From the tone of his voice, to the barrage of technical terms, he didn't capture most people's imagination. Ron's writings show that he has a massive brain and incredible, new concepts on par with the best philosophers, but you cant get a 5-second sound bite from the Federalist Papers.

Liberty is a wonderful concept, and it can be couched in a simply phrased, appealing manner(and I'll add, with much less skill than it takes to make the case for totalitarianism).

This is what Rand is doing better than Ron. The drones are a great example of him latching on to an easy to understand concept central to liberty; "Does the president have unilateral authority to kill anyone without presenting the possibility of surrender?"

Practically anyone would agree with that, and is cornerstone to the right to "LIFE, liberty and pursuit of property".

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