Comment: The problem with a "troll list" here on DP is that

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The problem with a "troll list" here on DP is that

everyone here is a troll to someone else here at some point, so we may as well just all sign the list ourselves.

Unfortunately a "troll" is something different to everybody, and a label that is used all too loosely.

If we banned everybody that someone here labeled a troll, we may as well just ban everyone and shut the site down, because everyone would make the list sooner or later.

Too many confuse "trolling" with "having a different opinion."

I see nothing gained in starting Daily Paul Salem Witch Hunts.

I see a lot more success in ignoring those you consider trolls vs. biting the bait and getting sucked in. Once you let yourself get sucked in to a response, the troll has done his job and ruffled your feathers.

If you don't give the troll the reaction they seek, they have failed. It's that simple.

In a sense, it almost does some good to have them here on occasion - It shows us what we are up against in the fight for liberty and where we need to focus educating.