Comment: And the benefits of U.S. being the "lynchpin?"

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And the benefits of U.S. being the "lynchpin?"

"Moving forward, the merging transatlantic partnership will eventually culminate in the creation of a NAFTA-EU free trade zone. With the push for DEEPER INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION, the U.S. is positioning itself to become the lynchpin between the world’s largest trading blocs."

- loss of U.S. sovereignty/accomplishment of key AGENDA 21 goal
- Congress (as representatives of the people) rendered even more irrelevant
- further loss of jobs
- increased power of corporations
- increase in the number of countries whose apples go into a bottle of Tropicana apple juice from TEN to TWELVE (incl. Mexico and Canada) Guess which country contributes the LEAST. How about them apples!

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