Comment: Immigration: make it, but don't make it easy

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Immigration: make it, but don't make it easy

If a foreign person sneaks into the country, and tries to rip off the government, Deport ASAP. If he sneaks in and goes to an employer, with “Senior, I want to work.” obligate the employer to register that person, make him pay income tax, FICA tax, medicare tax, and an illegal entry fee of $20.00 per week to the IRS for 5&¾ months ($500.00). If the employer is caught not registering the person, the employer pays a fine 10 time the illegal entry fee ($5,000.00), and pays ten-fold the illegal person's illegal entry fee on behalf of the person ($5000.00). After 6 months, the illegal worker is issued a work permit, which entitles him to work and receive the normal benefits of a worker, as long as he works. Only after two years of continuous employment, will such a worker be eligible for unemployment payments, should he be without work. No extensions allowed after 21 weeks of unemployment compensation. Disability payments for injury on the job not allowed until 5 full years of employment have been completed. Benefits for relatives are not available to a working illegal until after two years of continuous employment, and all other benefits (food stamps, welfare of any sort) also begin only after two years continuous paid-in work. After that I would consider the worker, though illegal, at least paying his own way, and showing good faith that he intends to continue doing so. He can then, after five continuous years of productive contributions to the economy, get on the green card waiting list, at the end of the line, and perhaps after ten or fifteen years receive a green card, and then be eligible to go the the end of the line in applying for citizenship.

In other words, do not make it a gift to obtain citizenship, make it however, in response to good faith fulfillment of years of labor, possible.