Comment: I like Ron,and you like Ron,

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I like Ron,and you like Ron,

I like Ron,and you like Ron, but the house republicans didn't like Ron until they found out he was retiring. The point is, he called out Reagan, quite the party, came back and voted against the party consistently. So, he was essentially banished within the party, they even tried to run candidates against him. It's just a fact that the republicans in Washington didn't like Ron very much.

They tried to knock Rand out in the primaries before he ever had a chance. Now that he's there, he's become quite a popular figure. He is an asset to the republicans and McConnell knows it. I'm just saying that McConnell has first dibs at Majority leader and Rand is not stupid enough to challenge him. Why would he, he's going to be the president. :)

I'm suggesting that Rand being majority leader is a bad idea for Rand and for the liberty movement even if Rand decides to stay in the senate.