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The fact that it's "legal" would argue

that it isn't a "birthright." Society (at some level), not our Creator, decides what is a legal business or not and operating parameters thereof. Although, like in Sedgewick, Maine, I'm all for contracts made between two parties (whenever), above and beyond state or federal law, so long as, like in Sedgewick, Maine, parties voluntarily waive government protections that go hand-in-hand with those laws.

I like the idea of people deciding how they wish to be governed at the local level, including state level, the 50 states/50 experiments idea - with the above-commenter's two choices: change things or relocate. There are always pros and cons to be weighed! Where you *choose* to live depends on your priorities. And what Texas offers must be a priority for many; people have been FLOCKING to the state. Whereas, the trend here in New York is described as "an exodus."

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