Comment: Sheesh. Put yourself in the store owner's shoes.

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Sheesh. Put yourself in the store owner's shoes.

Poor guy probably had half the MSM on the one hand and every patriot in Arizona on the other hand screwming DON'T DO IT, IT'S A SETUP!

Fortunately in this case the law was written in a way to almost COMPEL him to deny the sale when he became informed of the INTENDED USE for this firearm. The law states in part that he can only sell firearms to individuals for personal use.

Bingo! Easy out. Now the matter is essentially transferred off his lap and into BATF and the legislators who wrote the law. Or rather had flunkies write as we have no reason to suspect many of our legislators are literate.

Note that Mr. Astronaut was NOT deprived of a RIGHT in this case but merely an OPPORTUNITY since he can simply change his mind at a later date, decide he'd really rather keep the AR, become a shooter and he'd be welcomed at many gun shop counters in state.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.