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You are aware of course that

You are aware of course that many illegals already pay income, SS, and medicare taxes, as well as sales taxes, etc. like the rest of us right? How do I know? Because I have worked with them. So if they are a contributing member of society as much as you or I you just want to deport them? I call BS on that and say you dont know what you are talking about. Absolutely there should be a path to naturalize them, in the meantime they can get a work visa and live here until their legal immigration papers come through. Thats all Rand ever meant when he said this. There is some ignorance thinking these illegals are coming here mooching off the system, and while that may true for a few...the majority work...and they work harder by far than the average American, employers hire them because they know they work hard and will get their moneys worth. That particular issue is an American work ethic issue. I personally never let myself be outworked by anyone on a job...its a matter of personal pride, but I have seen many Americans that constantly do as little as possible, I have never seen a Mexican, Honduran, Columbian, etc with that attitude. I am also sure it wasnt always that way with Americans either, its just another symptom of the general moral malaise of America these days.