Comment: She is a "LATE JOINER" and not a "LEADER"

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She is a "LATE JOINER" and not a "LEADER"

Not only did she come late to the Romney side, she lead Nobody to the dance with Mitt Romney. She is not a leader, she is what we call in marketing a "Late Joiner". She is the kind of person who finally breaks down to getting and buying ...a laptop, a vcr, a dvr, a droid, an Iphone, etc.

So what is it with Ann Coulter? She is a professional "Political Insult-er" ... or "Insult-ress".

And that makes for "good entertainment".

And like the procosus child who does a lot of things but has not nothing to add to the party, soon the party goers "move on".

So lets move on from the likes of Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck. If we note what they say, just make a note that that is where the "Late Joiners" are on the bell curve.

Our focus is with the "EARLY ADOPTERS and FIRST JOINERS". That is the front part of the moving Bell Curve of popular opinion. We are after the "Early Adopters and First Joiners" because that "grows our movement" and most of all, "sets the direction the country is moving".

Just 10 years ago today, in 2004, the American public was 60% against giving gays the rights (and liabilities) found in marriage. Today, 60% approve of gay marriage. "How did this happen?". Answer, the "early adopters" focused on growing their "first joiners" until they were soon after the "second tier joiners" and so on... then the tipping point came and like an avalanche, the mass of the bell curve shifted & now they are the majority.

Now, "after the sudden shift", the "LATE Adopters" are struggling emotionally, do they join or hold on? Well that kind of person, the late adopters, has a very hard time "being in the minority". Its very very very uncomfortable for them emotionally. Its NOT apart of their personality. It causes them great distress.

Yes, late adopters do finally adopt, but they do have their own "stars", and one of them in politics is Ann Coulter. Her gig is to insult all the way to finally accepting. She gives voice to that pain out there. She did it for the majority who held out against Romney, to only supporting Romney in the end. And she will do it with Rand Paul 2016 too... but Rand has to take "the big 3", ie Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina FIRST, then you can expect her to finally join the bandwagon for Rand Paul 2016.

And a comment on Rand Paul. I expect him to move into Santorum/Huckabee land, sweeping up all the Christian Right who loves Israel and Jesus. He'll do this to temper his legalize pot and he'll excuse away immigration "to be relevant". But then once he is the GOP candidate, then expect Rand Paul2016 to move away from the christian right to a more "civil libertarian" nuanced position or middle voter territory, to beat the DNC candidate.

Then, once he is president, expect his budget to come racing forth, and if adopted, you can expect a giant economic boom, surpassing Ronald Reagan's 20 year boom from lowering tax rates. On foreign policy you can expect him to sound pro-Israel while doing nothing because of Congress and/or the economy. On civil rights he'll win there too by playing right but caving left...that is, he will continue the and perhaps lead the positive slide of all modern nation-states to a multi-ethnic social contract conforming to the principle of human rights, rather than the old notions/feelings towards a nation-state being a repository for the national soul. While Olympic games will in some sense rekindle that national soul spirit, as individual athletes become trans-national, that feeling will continue to decline. Perhaps soon, Americans will be cheering a "Mexican national" athlete at the Olympics, while making big noise about her life growing up in Maine as a swimmer (or runner, or whatever). And as Americans themselves become more familiar and feeling safe with Central and South America, they will see that borders, like cities, must be as "porous" as possible in order for everybody to be free.

Meanwhile the late adopters like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck will excuse away and support whatever President Rand Paul does or says to the bitter end, even pushing for his reelection. That's my prediction... lets see if it unfolds.

So ...there you have it.


PS... did you notice Hanity say, "I like conservatives and I like libertarians..." That is a first time that I am aware of that he spoke positively about libertarians without a reservation thrown in. Keep moving that bell curve of public opinion folks, that is what the R3VOLution is all about, its starts in the mind.

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