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So all at the same

So all at the same time:
1)Obama puts through exec order while no one is looking - NDAA (Gov't can arrest US citizens indefinetly and said US citizen has no lawyer or day in court. They are just thrown in prison). But it's normal - no biggie...he won't use it either so no worries.
2)Obama wants our guns and it MUST be now - for our protection though, its all good...
3)While trying to take our guns, DHS is purchasing millions of rounds of ammo (hollow point) and acting like that is the norm at first. Now ex marines and retired chief of police have stepped forward saying hollow point ammo is NEVER used for practice, they are used on people. Then DHS stops responding to any questions at all and goes for even another round of ammo. But hey, just another day, nothing to see here.
4)Then congress slips in a bill giving Monsanto free reign over all of us including any federal courts. He can poisen (I mean add nutrients) to our food all he wants.
5)Now this CATO person is saying that states can't nullify? What would give anyone a reason to come out and talk about states nullifying I wonder? I'ts almost as though they think states will want to nullify for some reason. And even though it is a states right, well lets just nip that in the bud right now....just in case. Can't imagine why any state would want to do that though.

So we can be arrested anytime for doing.....whatever, we don't have any self protection anymore, we are eating, breathing and drinking toxins and poisen all day, DHS is in our streets fully equipped. Paint a pretty picture for you?