Comment: I suggest more user created honor lists front and center.

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I suggest more user created honor lists front and center.

We lost something great at Youtube with the changes they made. Things don't really go "viral" anymore, because the viral process was born from user created honor lists.

Think "YouBlog" or "YouReport", a place where the best links, independent journalism, and blog posts get promoted and debated using honor lists. There needs to be a public forum where people can go, and not just for one political camp, but for everyone interested in news, politics, and the events of the day.

The world needs a public forum where bad ideas go to die. With enough amateur investigative journalists and "infowarriors" contributing, it could almost pass as a form of free press, and by free, I don't mean you couldn't make a whole lot of money doing it.

Think of it as more like "the drudge report", very clean, but with original content and links. A kind of melding of the old Youtube with the drudge report. Even Matt Drudge "promotes" what he wants rather than what the public is interested in seeing. He's a filter, and he's been filtering out the liberty message for a long time.

Where do YOUR eyes go when you log on; the honor list. People want to know what other people are watching and discussing.

To reach top honors would be like making the front page of the Drudge report, but not just because some guy wanted it to be there.