Comment: There's a prison cell for her

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There's a prison cell for her

Why are we forced to be so immoral as a society!? No victim, NO CRIME! how many of us think when seeing a person light up a J in their house that there has been a crime committed? Do you feel scared for your rights? Have your's or anybody else's rights been violated?! This is not a crime. Face it, our country has the largest prison population in the entire world, because we don't give two shits about our brothers and sisters. Just send them to jail for smoking a plant that man kind has enjoyed for 7000+ years and hasn't killed a single person, ever! Ann C hates you and me, she hates our opinion and is filled with rage and carnal passion. How can we continue to feel good about warehousing good people in jail for choosing to smoke a plant in it's unaltered form? Jesus Christ would be ashamed of this country in it's current state. We need to change, and change we will. Ann C is just a trash talking old-people panderer; she will be irrelevant the moment Rand becomes president. Pray for peace and the prevailing of freedom and for God to rid us of hate mongers.