Comment: Using the "gold" standard is hardly free market

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Using the "gold" standard is hardly free market

Greenspan never had pure motives. He was part of Rand's inner circle, which only included racial Jews. Intellectual movements aren't about race.

It's the exact inability to tell imposters that makes one naive.

But if you check carefully what those two called for, there is constantly a redefining of definitions, using them slightly wrong, etc.

For instance, using the "gold" standard is not a free market. The markets should decide what it wants to use. In point of fact, gold is a controlled market where most of the gold is held by banks, and it's rate is fixed by the house of rothschild, which has been fixing it for more than 100 years.

Greenspan wasn't calling for a free market, but control by Rothschild.

Likewise, capitalism is not the same thing as a free market. It is one type of system that may or not be a free market, but free markets exist that aren't capitalism, and capitalism exists that isn't a free market - ie crony capitalism, mercantilism, etc.

The mis-use of terms by these two was intentional.

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