Comment: marijuana, prohibtion and personal freedom

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marijuana, prohibtion and personal freedom

The federal government comes and overrules a state that has legalized marijuana to be used for very sick people. aids and cancer and they are getting some help. Federal government comes in puts people in prison who are sick because they are using it for medical reasons and they have never committed a violent crime. That is how absurd the war on drugs has become. The governments role should not be involved in personal habits. Those rules should protect children who are below the age of making good judgement. So no problem with state laws that would protect children from the use of these drugs. Under the constitution the president and the federal government would not have a say in it. all governments should be out of the marriage question. It is not a state function it is a religious function. There was a time when only churches dealt with marriage and they determined what it was. For 100 years or so ago for health reasons they claimed that the state would protect us if we knew more about our spouses and we did health testing and you had to get a license to get married. The war on drugs which has caused the war on drugs to go up and we treat them as criminals rather than sick people. we have pushed a lot of people into prostitution. Prostitution is related to the mistakes we have made in the drug war. People make bad choices in religion and philosophy but we do not regulate their thinking or their religious beliefs if they are not harming other people. That is why individuals should protect themselves. Governments can not protect them from themselves. It is just impossible otherwise they become just a tyrannical state.