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You don't need to see

You don't need to see Rothchild's name come up in a current news article to already know that the price of gold has been fixed for a long time, in London, at Rothschild's. Read the Wikipedia article I posted, its an ok article. Also, gold fixing was in the news last week.

In a controlled market with gold fixing, "going back to the gold standard", is not advocating a free market. It's working for whoever is fixing the gold. (FYI I read Greenspan's gold articles in Rand's capitalism the unknown ideal a long time ago. This isn't new news to me).
"The London gold fixing or gold fix is the procedure by which the price of gold is determined twice each business day on the London market by the five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd, on the premises of N M Rothschild & Sons.". etc.

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