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The best way i have found to

The best way i have found to understand psy ops is to Purchase or download hopefully legally -NLP videos and audios and books. In this way I have found there is a systematic method of psychological help or control available, likened to a mental science. Knowing information like that gives a breathtaking perceptive structure that is so amazing. Actually taking the time to understand it will change your life. The way it is taught in a positive manner in order to be used as therapy or other, is amazing. But while listening to it, you can see vast methods that could be used "improperly". while watching them I had ideas such as a liberty false flag etc. If that is even possible...

This kind of information just gives a BACKDROP to then ASSOCIATE to DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL METHODS OF CONTROL. that is a large gap and learning curve but it depends on what you already know.

I can't pinpoint anything down but all I can say is if you start listening you'll get it. But once you get it you won't be able to explain it to the next person. Not saying your even that interested or have the time but you never know right?

* Taylor Starr Black Ops
1.. Advance language patterns
2. Social Dynamics
3. Hypnosis
4. Neuro Linguistic Programming

* Milton Erickson
* The Art of Indirect Suggestion