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I have been investigating

Bitcoin extensively and I will continue to do so until every logical bit is accounted for. Until then my unwavering support for Bitcoin will be reserved. However, I can say this so far. The concept is fascinating and VERY far reaching in its application and widespread adoption. I have been telling friends for awhile the power of encrypted hash tables and there supreme power in securing information and in their power to organize and quickly access information for those who do have the key.

For a currency to be built around this secure information storage and organization technique has several major implications:
Completely private money and the ability for completely private and anonymous transactions
Hard limit of "money" supply
If mass adoption occurs the ability to replace all other forms of currency (this even has a logical, systematic and quantifiable goal of getting entire supply chains utilizing this form of currency, as soon as a entire supply chain uses this value exchange no other form of currency is need for those products)
Ability to create and destroy accounts/wallets on demand (this is just one part of anonymity)
Ability for widespread adoption immediately (think the rise of facebook, what would happen if bitcoin exploded the way facebook exploded this would mean rapid adoption on a global scale)

I can even see the strong possibility that the criminal bureaucrats and bankers may be totally screwed under this scenario because imagine the day when nobody will accept federal reserve notes and "government" is standing there saying you have to accept it. This will reveal who the real criminal tyrants are and there will be little they can do because transactions are private, anonymous and accounts/wallets are popping in and out existence at near light speed. What are the criminals bureacrats going to do when everyone has inherent privacy in the way they conduct themselves? How are they going to know who to go after? The only way they can is to force the use of the unlawful FRN. Once people experience a truly anonymous, secure, and prolific currency individuals will then see the huge advantages of stability in price due to a hard limit of supply to the prosperity of having privacy and other advantages I believe people will ask themselves why did they ever participate/allow the FRN to proliferate. Once a truly secure and anonymous currency is utilized people will then realize that taxes are indeed voluntary by consent of the governed as a law of nature and NOT subject to legislative code. Imagine this!!

Many things come out of all this logic of this concept too much to write here but one important last thing that I see from my investigations so far is it is clear what countermeasures to expect from the criminal tyrants. They will try to set up multiple currencies and make them all popular. Remember multiple currencies widely accepted will result in them having a way to create the currency they need. If We the People realize this and we adopt a single incorruptible currency (I am not saying Bitcoin is it but it may be) with a hard limit and leave the FRNs in the dust then we will have a tool to inherently limit the size of government to only the most essential services. No one will want to pay for BS when the money is limited because their value and savings will be quantified and set. Any real value exchanged from them will have to be voluntary because they will never know what they have because the information is simply not accessible to them. Paying taxes voluntarily will result in the people feeling the real the pain instantly for the taxes they pay because they will only get it voluntarily and will make wiser decisions about what they are willing to fund. I would say that under this scenario it is likely that many of the bureaucrats will literally starve to death if the don't create real value. This will be a law of nature and there will be no way around it.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...