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That's like saying that Apple

That's like saying that Apple won't succeed, cause people can simply copy them. Being the first on the scene matters.

Many people tried copying Apple. But they didn't succeed. Why? It's because of trust. If one must invest their money in an idea, it's better to invest it in the original idea, instead of the copy. Most of the times, competitors only succeed, because they have an idea MUCH better than the current one.

In other words, a new crypto currency can only succeed if it totally blows Bitcoin away with its new advanced abilities. Being slightly better doesn't cut it. A new crypto currency that's only marginally better won't inspire people to invest in it and it won't reach critical mass.

And if a new crypto currency far superior DID come along, that would actually be a good thing. Competition is a welcome thing and can only make the world a better place. But even if this new crypto currency came along, it would take awhile to overtake Bitcoin's lead. People can easily divest themselves of Bitcoins without taking too much of a loss (assuming no bugs pop up making the market crash and the government doesn't interfere).