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So a Justice of the Supreme

So a Justice of the Supreme Court relied upon Wikipedia to do his homework. I'm just joking, but don't they each have a staff that does research for them? I mean, come on! All I did was a simple search on Google, and up popped the article below about the Catholic Church and gay weddings waaaay back in the day. That wasn't difficult.

Same sex marriage is not new. The words, "gay," "heterosexual," and "homosexual," ARE actually new, modern words that did NOT exist in the Biblical Greek or Hebrew languages.

The terms, "gay," "homosexual," and, "heterosexual," did not exist until very recently.

"The term “homosexual” is of modern origin, and it wasn’t until about a hundred years ago that it was first used. There is no word in biblical Greek or Hebrew that is equivalent to the English word homosexual."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.