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Yes, pointing a laser at

Yes, pointing a laser at someone's face is immature and potentially dangerous. If such an immature act leads to injury, then a case for judgment exists. Eye glasses are made to protect from specific wavelengths, but one never knows what wavelength will be employed at any given time. Furthermore, one would require several pair to cover the more popular wavelengths. Protecting oneself against lasers is possible, but cumbersome at best. One can even buy lasers in the IR range where the eye fails to blink which can be particularly hazardous. Just like guns, personally, I have no problem with lasers as they're potentially a very effective weapon with mature use. I'm tired of all the regulation because of a few immature people. We're regulating ourselves to death based on small probabilities. Take some action. If you live, you risk losing life at ANY time. Identify the few immature people and remove their ability to cause damage while leaving more mature people free to employ lasers where appropriate as a weapon or otherwise. The government certainly will employ lasers, even ones powerful enough to vaporize a person on contact.