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I know that I disagree

with some here at the DP. My big issue where rights are concerned has to do with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT overstepping its bounds, those bounds as per THE CONSTITUTION. I'm all for those powers not stated to be left to the states and the people - with the states and the people figuring it out from there as they so choose.

Here's a "for instance." Here in my neck of the woods and many other locales around the country, we have zoning laws. Now some might say, "It's my property and I should be able to do with it what I like." But the people here wish to preserve a certain environment in their neighborhoods; so, areas are zoned residential or, even more specifically, for one or two-family homes or with a minimum lot size. That's how (most) residents prefer it. [Some townships have stricter zoning laws than others. It's a tradeoff: the stricter laws preserve both property values and the kind of environment in which families wish to live and raise their children; the laxer laws offer more freedom to subdivide properties or allow a homeowner to, say, have a lawncare business with an industrial-looking shed, equipment, and trucks parked on the property.] It's my understanding that, in Houston (or at least parts of it), there aren't such zoning laws. A property zoned for business could be sold to someone who wished to build a house or an apartment building on the property and visa versa. And I say that's just fine if that's how the people in Houston prefer it.

It's fine with me if the residents/voters within a state or county have blue laws or dry counties (for whatever reason) or any other laws a majority agree on SO LONG AS... and this is key!... such laws do not abridge our rights AS PER THE CONSTITUTION. You raised the issue of "gun control laws." Those are - well, they should be - protected by the 2nd Amendment.

One further caveat. Regarding local (state, county, or town) governments, I have a grave concern over the difference between legislation that is enacted via genuinely representative government vs. actions taken by public-private partnerships, or PPP's that do NOT have the same safeguards. (They exist at the federal level as well.) And I'll leave on that "note."

I also appreciate discussion of a subject to try to understand different perspectives and perhaps discover that there is something to be taken into consideration that I hadn't thought of. Everyone brings some different background or experience to the discussion. Though, as to your comment, I'm guilty myself of occasionally using poetry (or lyrics) to make a point, if hopefully nonetheless of some substantive value. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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