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Yes, this is true. Do not go

Yes, this is true. Do not go into BC without understanding the risks. I fully understand that BC could crash tommorrow (most likely through a bug or the government). That's why I use the minimum risk strategy I described. You can make 30-50 dollars each day, with perhaps only a few days each month where you post a loss.

You won't get rich that fast with such a method, but by slowly building up your principal of FRN/euro's, you'll have more chance of avoiding major losses and increasing your gains even beyond 50 dollars.

And in the early stages of BC, your principal can increase quite fast even with a minimum risk strategy. The nice thing about this strategy is that you support the BC economy this way, without actually having your money hedged in BC. If it fails tommorrow, you will post only a small loss that particular day, because most of your money will already be converted in FRN/euro's.

The keypoint is patience and not letting greed get to your head.