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Comment: JoshAz did you actually READ ... Zundel?

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JoshAz did you actually READ ... Zundel?

"Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany".

I have not, but perhaps somebody should before saying its anti-jew.

And perhaps the 1900-1940 Jews in Europe did do something to Germany, like double cross her and get her into WWI. And perhaps those Jews as a group (not to a man) brought the ideas of socialism to fruition in Germany (and Russia) only to have it backfire upon them in WWII? And perhaps it is a truism that "most Jews" where back then 1900-1940) were socialists thru and thru, so much so that to say "Jew" was to say "Socialist", and to say "socialist" was to also be saying "Jew". Not that there were not the "odd balls", an extreme minority of Jews who actively and intellectually attacked the extremely popular socialist ideas of the time; ie Ludwig Von Mises, Hayek, etc. Milton Friedman writes about how much of a small minority they were, and so met at the Mt Perlon society meeting or some such thing. A dozen free market anti socialist intellectuals at best. So small were they that they could all sit around a living room and have a discussion. The point being, these jews where odd, strange, and certainly "on the fringe". Indeed, they even are today! So my point is I think the common man, like any common man, will not separate out socialist from jew. At the end of WWII, if there was such thing as a wide sweeping opinion poll, I gather that both terms, socialist and jew, would get a whopping 3% approval rating. The small sect of Zionist jews, jews that pined for a 'land of their own", a 'homeland', and claimed the 'right of return to Judia and Sumatra', also felt that extreme unpopularity. They emigrated to what is now Israel. And with it, they brought their socialist ideas, their battle hardened militancy, and their religious zeal. Did they seek out Ottaman era property rights to purchase lands from Palestinians who, for safety, kept their sons off title records (the Turks would use male names on property records as conscription roles from which to press one into the Ottoman army.). Did these jewish Zionist socialist seek out rightful property owners? That is, did they even believe in private property rights, let alone have the secular sense of respecting muslim ownership? I doubt it. See the Journal of Libertarian Studies where according to one jewish libertarian researcher, about 7% of land was purchased out right, honestly. The rest was taken by many routes, institutionally, through courts, through terrorist battles, etc. By the time that the UN granted Israel the land that it did, already property theft was an issue so much so that Palestinians could not even agree to that much, and rejected those claims outright. And I don't say this because I am "on the side of Palestinians" nor am I "pro-muslim" and I am certainly not "anti-jew". These are the facts as best that I know them to be. Finally, while the average European was done listening to Jews/Socialism after WWII, Americans where not much better at all. Yet American Jews where successful in pulling in many European Jews into the USA. And not to their credit, as if not having learned the lessons of socialist failure, began to push Left for socialism in the USA -- through books, magazines, newspapers, movies, etc. Not even 15 years later, senator Joe McCarthy is busy outing the leftists in Hollywood, many of which where Jews. And two Jewish Americans where spys to the Soviet Communists and they gave away the nuclear secrets.

Now JoshAz, I agree with you, antisemitism has got to go. But what one must be VERY careful of is being HYPER Sensitive to authentic facts and calling a spade a spade. Jewish reaction, particularly liberal jewish reaction, is hypersensitive to the point of ridiculousness. It reminds me of trying to have a reasonable discussion about welfare and the minimum wage with black Americans. If they so much as see you are white and male and articulating against welfare and the min wage, then "you are a racist", end of story, case closed, I put my hands over my ears. Such hypersensitivity to race and ethnicity and nationality and religious affiliation makes rational discussion of the facts nearly impossible. Lets not go down that road on the DP. Some facts about Jews will be unpleasant, some about white gentiles will be unpleasant. The key is not to place your identity into some historical collective, thus forcing you to defend that racial or national or religious collective. It takes a strong character, perhaps, but I am sure you are just the right individual.

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