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Comment: "Michael and the Mods" (great band name I think...)

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"Michael and the Mods" (great band name I think...)

"....of thinking and non-thinking minds..." hehehehehe! Cracked me up Dex :)

"it's a a free exchange of ideas and thoughts unregulated ( for the most part)." I would call it "Well Regulated", just like how "regulated" meant at the time the word was used in the Constitution, which was "to keep regular". "To regulate inter-state commerce" meant the FEDGOV was supposed to do nothing to impede inter-state commerce and keep it always moving and flowing, not redifine the word to mean FEDGOV can restrict.

That's how I see DP. Occasionally some crap appears and "Michael and the Mods" (great band name I think...) gotta drop the hammer, but that's very rare.

I been on here like 5 and a half years I think. I can't make an original post that gets lots of readers to save my life, and I do much better in replies to existing threads, but I keep coming back everyday. The DP is my primary source of information for knowing what's going on in the freedom/liberty movement.

"Michael and the Mods". Dude! Michael! You guys gotta start a band man... That just sounds cool, lol!